​This Is What Star Citizen's Planets Will Look Like

Lots of people who are eagerly anticipating Star Citizen are already messing about inside the currently playable slices of the hotly anticipated next game from the creator of Wing Commander. But other people are not. If you're one of the latter, then take a look at the game in action. » 10/13/14 12:08am 10/13/14 12:08am

Hacker Claims To Find Hint Of An 8-Player Mode For The New Smash Bros.

By necessity, Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS is a very different game from its predecessors. It's built for a smaller and differently structured system and doesn't have some of the stuff that previous Smash games had, like a tournament mode. But, what one person claims are newly discovered audio files hidden inside the… » 10/10/14 12:30pm 10/10/14 12:30pm

A Game That Reminds You How Messed Up Bullying Is

Chiwatin isn't your typical video game hero. He pees himself when he gets scared and the snow in the northern Canadian landscape turns yellow under his feet. I wanted to laugh at this the third time it happened, when I realized it wasn't some weird rendering bug and an actual design decision. But then the crows that… » 10/08/14 12:45pm 10/08/14 12:45pm

Saturday Night Live Sketch Skewers the Gap Between Gameplay and Story

You've probably noticed it called out in some Grand Theft Auto, Uncharted and BioShock games: those moments where the emotions being presented to you in cutscenes or dialogue don't match up with what the player's being told to do. And while that issue has been a point of contention for many years, I wasn't ever… » 10/05/14 11:30pm 10/05/14 11:30pm

The man who wrote and directed Call of Duty: Black Ops argues that the U.S. government should put soldiers in schools to protect them. David Anthony—who is now a fellow at political think tank The Atlantic Council—made his remarks during a talk titled "The Future of Unknown Conflict," where he also described marketing… » 10/03/14 4:45pm 10/03/14 4:45pm